What’s a credit?

Credits are basically points that you can use to unlock relevant company and people details. You can select from our various credit plans and purchase credit points at nominal rates. You can use these credit points according to your own requirements. You can also upgrade or downgrade your selected plan, depending on your credits requirements. 


How can I use my credits?

Once you register and buy your credits, you can use them to unlock details of the companies and people relevant to you. To unlock company details, you need 5 credits, while to unlock people details you need 2 credits. 


Is there any contract?

No, there isn’t any contract or long-term commitment that you have to abide by. You are free to choose your plans and use your credits according to your requirements.


Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan later?

Yes, you have the privilege to upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime, as per your requirement.


Do you have annual plans?

No, we do not have any annual plan. You can select any of plan and purchase credits to use, anytime you want.


What is the difference between price plans?

Each plan offers different number of credits and features, depending on your company’s needs.


Will my plan renew automatically?

We do not have any renewal plans. You can buy and use your credits anytime, as per your individual requirements.


When will my credit points expire?

Your credits points will never expire. Once you purchase your credits, you can use them for a lifetime.