The three pillars of business wisdom
Companies, People and Products.

With DBI360, you will be able to access the latest and genuine information regarding the three pillars of business wisdom – Companies, People and Products.

Our inexhaustible database is the outcome of meticulous research and information gathering. We make sure that we provide you with the most appropriate information that you seek for.

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Our Hallmark Features

  • B2B business database
    Optimized Search

    Find the ideal Information according to your preferences with utmost accuracy.

  • B2B business database
    Transcending Borders

    Our data spans across several countries, ensuring accessibility to international prospects.

  • B2B business database
    Attractive and effective pricing plans

    Accurately chalked out pricing plans that are designed for client convenience coming with a wide range of schemes and offers.

  • B2B business database
    Progressive Research and Analysis

    Advanced analytics and reporting that streamlines your operation and reinforces your CRM.

  • B2B business database
    Timely Notifications and Alerts

    Duly notified of changes whenever any listed details are updated or changed. This may include contact numbers or Email IDs or activated/deactivated social media links.

  • B2B business database
    Constantly Updated Database

    Well organized, managed and up to date information. You will always get the accurate details and IDs, Emails, contact numbers, location details, websites, social media links etc.


Our portal with relevant filters helps you to focus on your dream company matching your personal preferences.

  •    Name and Logo

    Company Name and Logo

    The name and logos of the companies advocate their popularity. BP will bring British Petroleum to our minds and the raging bull emblem is synonymous with Lamborghini.

  •  Website


    It is the face of the company in today’s scenario. All the relevant details you want to know about the company are listed on its website, including all the contact details.

  •  Accurate Address and Location

    Accurate Address and Location

    The location of the company in its country of origin ensures its efficacy on its home turf. But its overseas locations testify to its global outreach.

  •  Email


    Emails are the bloodlines of information flow both internally and externally. Obtaining the Email ID of a company and sending well-compiled Emails are the first steps in building a rapport with it.

  •  Relevant Company Details

    Relevant Company Details

    These details attest to the health of the company. The revenue it generates, the number of employees working under it, the domain under which it functions etc., are some of such details.

  •  Alexa Ranking

    Alexa Ranking

    This shows the website traffic statistics of the company website. The statistics speak for the popularity of the company, how much it is liked and what goodwill it has among its customer base.

  •  Valid Phone Numbers

    Valid Phone Numbers

    The telephone was the lifeline of communication until it was toppled by the internet. But it is still significant and is a most sought-after detail.

  •  Social media Handles

    Social media Handles

    In today’s digital ecosystem being active on the social media provides an advantage like no other. The social media following exhibits the company’s mass appeal.


The right people always take optimal decisions. Our extensive directory lets you narrow down to the ideal people in any company!

  • Valid Identity

    Valid Identity

    Who does not know about Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation or Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook? The company is always identified by the people who work for it.

  •  Phone Number Details

    Phone Number Details

    Any contact with the company is possible through people and what better way than to have a nice conversation over the telephone? Updated telephone numbers readily at your disposal.

  • Company Details of Employee

    Company Details of Employee

    The details of the companies where a person works become a part of her/his identity. And the designation voices the competency and experience.

  •  Email


    Emails are a formal and official way of conversing. Acquiring the authentic Email IDs of the crucial people of the company is like the first volley of arrows you shoot at your target.

  • Location


    The details of the location where the people crucial for a certain company work and reside. This gives insight into their preferences and mindset.

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Everybody nowadays relates to some form of social media. Their followings and activities reveal a lot about them and their preferences.


A product has several parameters according to which it is designated as a game changer in the market. The quality of a product is not what is put into its building but is what the customer derives from it and is willing to pay for it.

  •  Product Name

    Product Name

    The branding of a product is indispensable for its popularity. In some ways, the popularity of the products eclipse that of the company that manufactures them.

  • Country of Origin and Manufacture

    Country of Origin and Manufacture

    Where from the product originates and where it has been manufactured are crucial details that decide the product’s demand and its goodwill in the market. Where the product originates and where it has been manufactured are crucial details that decide the product’s demand and goodwill.

  • Ingredients and Constituents

    Ingredients and Constituents

    The ingredients and constituents of the product are a major deciding factor in its popularity. Customers backed with knowledge also probe into these details before deciding.

  • Shipping Details

    Shipping Details

    The shipping location, port details, lead times etc. are all crucial details that are essential for deciding several factors related to how the product will be accepted in the market.

  • Product Category and Health Functions

    Product Category and Health Functions

    The product category and its functions are major deciders of a product’s marketability. Health supplements will always attract customers who look for ways to boost their immunity.

  •  Valid Phone Numbers

    Certification Details

    This is a major aspect of the product that ensures its credibility based on its functionality and quality. These details determine the product’s market health.

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